How the Fraud Works

Booking Agents in your country buy a package from Werner Beddies company. Werner then tried to book your holiday with the independent operators. He then doesn't pay these operators, so when you arrive for your dream holiday, the operators make YOU pay again, as Beddies has never paid them!

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About Werner Beddies

Myself and my partner booked through Werner and his wife at Safari-An African Experience aka Namibia Reservations for a tour and safari through Namibia. They appear very nice genuine people, they are not, beware! It unfortunately was a horror story. Every stop we made, the guest-house/lodges were not paid for and even the tours were not paid for. We paid Werner’s Company up front before we left Germany, for the entire tour. We then had to pay out of our own pocket, for everything, effectively twice, because he had not paid the Lodge and tour operators.

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Lodges were not paid

Every Lodge we stayed at were not paid by Werner. We had to pay again ourselves.

Safari's Were Not Paid

As part of our holiday we had pre-booked and paid for a Safari. It was to be the highlight of our holiday, but it turned into a nightmare!

Credit Card Fraud

After we raised these serious issues with Werner and his company, they tried to charge our credit card again.


The stress of this made our dream holiday to Africa one of the worst experiences we have ever had.

The people of Africa

This is not a rant about the lovely people of Africa. The Lodge owners were very pleasant to deal with and we do not hold them accountably as part of Werner's fraud.

On-line Reviews

We could not find any reviews of Safari-An African Experience on-line, we hope that this stands as a clear warning to everyone. If you are looking to tour Africa, in-particular Namibia, Stay Away from Werner Beddies!!


Times we had to pay again for our prepaid tours and accommodation


Calls that were never answered


Emails with no follow up

EUR $9845

Out of Pocket

Where are the bookings?

We paid in advance through the tour company for accommodation. When we arrived at every Lodge throughout Africa we had to pay again for the accommodation because Werner Beddies has not paid the Lodges for many months.

Attempts we made

We tried to call and email "Safari-An African Experience" many times, their staff were very rude and would not take our calls. Emails were never returned! We were stuck in Africa without any accommodation!! The stress completely ruined our holiday.

Werner Beddies Needs to be stopped

After speaking to the many Lodge owners throughout our holiday, we understood that this is Werner Beddies common practice to steal their money and never pay them. This is FRAUD!